SEO: Leveraging Social Media

SEO and social media have become somewhat inseparable in recent years, and so we’ll keep hammering the point until we get it across. We’re not sure why that is, but many people have a problem adapting to the dynamic changes in the field of SEO. The truth is that one cannot afford to be maladaptive, otherwise the consequences will be dire. It’s not that it’s impossible to have a good ranking site without the use of SEO, but it’s most improbable. Especially if you also ignore social media, which these days is like ignoring the golden goose.


One of the ways you can leverage social media for your search engine optimization efforts is by creating a large following. A large following for your website means that there is something there that’s worth seeing, so Google (once they notice that thanks to your large following) will send more people over. This but one of the ways you can utilize social media for your advantage. However, the problem with this is that for better or worse you have to create great content for it to work. Otherwise people will not be very generous with their sharing, and won’t follow you. Great content is the king of everything SEO these days.


Another way you can leverage social media is by sharing your website content on social media outlets. This gives you another channel to reach people, while at the same time allows you to showcase what you’re all about and create some more of that sweet, sweet brand recognition. This is more or less everything you need these days. But hey, if you don’t feel like using social media to your advantage, we can’t force you. It’s your choice.


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