SEO: Why Thin Content is a Terrible Mistake

SEO: Why Thin Content is a Terrible Mistake


Back in the days of yore when quantity meant a lot more than quality, having lots of content on your website meant the world. Webmasters started using blogs and filling them with junk just so they could have more content. More content meant a higher rank, more clicks, more visits and thus more revenue. It was a great time for webmasters because they made a lot of money without having to do too much work. However, it wasn’t great for people who were looking for actual answers to their problems or proper content covering certain topics. And it certainly wasn’t a great time for Google.

Everything changed when they introduced the Panda update. Panda was there to determine whether or not a website had high quality content or not. Now, an algorithm normally wouldn’t be able to tell, but it got “trained” to look for certain markers by the people at Google. They manually graded hundreds of websites in order to show the algorithm what it was looking for and it started learning. And many webmasters got hit because SEO is not a short-term game and shouldn’t be played as one. After all, what we’re talking about here is trying to game the system, and if Google is good at one thing, it is proving to people in SEO that you can’t game the system for long.

Nowadays, it’s not a good idea to have lots of low quality content on your website. This will definitely affect your ranking and decrease your position, which is (we assume) the exact opposite of what you want. So cut it out and start uploading more high-quality content on your websites.

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