Interesting Statistics and Facts about Digital Marketing

Interesting Statistics and Facts about Digital Marketing

We now live in the world of big data. It’s unsure how big data can predict future and save the world, but it’s safe to say that we benefit a lot from ideas generated by data. Now let’s take a look at the 10 most interesting statistics and facts listed by David Moth on Econsultancy Digital Marketing Blog.

1. Just 71% of companies test their websites.

There are many good reasons why companies should test their websites. However, not every company does that. In fact, just 71% of organizations test their websites, 60% test their email, 59% test landing pages, and 7% test nothing at all.

2. John Lewis’ Christmas ad set to break its own records.

Last week saw the unveiling of John Lewis Christmas ad and it seems set to break its own social media records. In the 24 hours after it was launched the ad was mentioned in 49,152 tweets, of which only 16% were negative. The number more than double the 21,027 mentions that last year’s ad picked up in the same time frame.

3. Alibaba’s $5.7bn day

On Monday, Chinese Single Day, China’s biggest online shopping company, Alibaba, processed more than $5.75 billion in its online payments system — a record for a single day anywhere in the world, surpassing by two and a half times the total for American retailers last year on so-called “Cyber Monday”.

4. Netflix and YouTube dominate US traffic.

Big players, Netflix and YouTube, now account for half of US fixed broadband media consumption, according to the Global Internet Phenomena Report. Netflix took a 31.62% share of downstream fixed network traffic in peak hours, followed by YouTube on 18.69%. All other applications were in single figures, including Hulu and Amazon.

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