Yelp Profile Types and the Features They Offer

Yelp Profile Types and the Features They Offer

The first step to creating your business’s presence on Yelp is crafting your profile. There are three different Yelp profile types, each one offered at a different price: a basic profile, a branded profile, and an enhanced profile. These three profiles gradually increase in price, from a free basic profile to the Yelp enhanced profile which costs $75 a month. Each of the three Yelp profile types offers different features, shown in the table below:


As the profile gets more expensive, more features are offered. This article will explain the features of each of the Yelp profile types and what benefits they may be able to provide for your business.


Basic Profile

A basic business profile is what you get once you claim your business on Yelp, so every single business on Yelp has a basic profile type at some point or another. It allows you to express your business more freely on your Yelp profile by being able to upload content and photos as well as interact with customers by responding to reviews. For any type of business not actively looking to increase their clientele, such as a large business that is already established or a business that wants to stay small, these features might be all you need in order to consider your Yelp page a success.


Branded Profile

A branded profile allows for even more customization of your business’s Yelp page, including more content-uploading ability and a call-to-action button. This button is a very powerful tool when it comes to turning viewers of your Yelp page into actual customers. The difference between someone just looking at your business and actually becoming a customer could be that convenient orange button on your page that makes it more than easy for any viewer to take the action that your business specifies.


Enhanced Profile

The main difference between an enhanced profile and a branded profile is that an enhanced profile will remove competitor ads from your page. This may seem like a small difference at first, but it actually makes a huge impact on whether your Yelp viewer becomes an actual customer. Not only could a customer potentially see a competitor’s ad and decide to take their business there instead, the competitor ads are placed directly above the reviews in such a way that they can easily be mistaken for one. Personally, I’ve accidentally clicked on a competitor ad instead of a review on a business’s Yelp page many times, and frankly, it’s annoying. It can greatly impact a customer’s first “interaction” with your business, which could impact their decision to become a patron of your business later on. I’ve ended up leaving Yelp pages altogether because I thought it just wasn’t worth it to go back to the business’s Yelp page. Removing competitor ads from your Yelp page is a huge bonus of an enhanced profile, which makes it worth the price (especially if you have multiple strong competitors).


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