3 Most Common SEO Problems You Create Yourself

3 Most Common SEO Problems You Create Yourself

The world of SEO is quite complicated, yet it has some veiled beauty into it. Behind the mask of formulas and algorithms lies a very subtle and delicate core idea; a great goal that transcends all changes and conceptual advancement. We’re talking, of course, about delivering high quality content and great user experience. The problem is that no matter how amazing, yet simple this understanding is, people don’t seem to grasp it very well. When they hear SEO, most business owners imagine a grey bag with a green dollar sign – revenue, generated from the site, or from conversions. This leads to some problems.

1. Unrealistic Expectations

SEO can be a bit expensive. Even though it usually has a great ROI, you need to make a significant investment first, which puts some people off so they either make the IT department do it (the fact that they know computers doesn’t mean they know everything about computers), do it themselves (which in most cases mean they do more harm than good), or hire a firm to do it for them, expecting both number 1 ranking and doubling sales within a week. This is not how it works. SEO is a long-term process and its objective is to get people to your site. Conversions are based on your site’s/product’s/service’s merits. The good news is that SEO is a tree that keeps on giving, but needs a lot of care before that happens.

2. Outdated Web Design

Web design is not directly linked to SEO, but if your site is designed poorly, or looks outdated, it may cause people to leave immediately, increasing your bounce rate. This indirectly affects your ranking. It also causes you to lose potential customers. Make sure that your website is always up to date and looks enticing enough for people to stick around. Don’t make it too flashy, though. This will cause higher load times, which will definitely deter people.

3. Proper Content

In the past, most of the information on a website with SEO behind its back was there just to feed keywords to search engines. It wasn’t something people would even consider reading. However, this has changed. Today content has to be worthwhile, which is the most important factor to rate well.

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