SEO and Mobile Devices

SEO and Mobile Devices

Most people nowadays use the Internet on a daily basis. It’s that inherently wonderful tool humanity has been waiting for since the dawn of time – an unparalleled access to petabytes and petabytes of information at the click of a few buttons. From pictures of cats to the latest news, all you need to do open your browser and the data will be at your disposal. However, because of all of this, if you want to present your business to the general public, you need to employ proper SEO techniques.

The ways of entering this virtual Wonderland filled with talking cats and people wearing funny hats, have also improved significantly. You no longer have to sit down at home in order to enjoy a nice viral video – you can do it from anywhere since both mobile devices and Internet access have evolved. This poses a new predicament to the idea of proper SEO, however. How can you please both mobile users and PC owners?

There are three options. One is to use responsive web design. It may be a bit expensive but you have to spend money to make money. Responsive web design will ensure that you have to perform proper SEO for only one website, but will also ensure that both mobile and PC users see the content well. The site will respond to the device and adapt to it. This method is recommended by Google.

The second option is adaptive web design. The difference between adaptive and responsive web design is that different code is sent to the device making the request to the server. This opens the door to better customization options for mobile devices, faster loading times and more.

Both options would require you to perform one proper SEO. The third option will need two because it involves a dedicated mobile website. The benefit is that the project is not that hard to pull off and will possibly be less expensive in the beginning, but it would require two sets of content and twice the amount of SEO.

Whatever you choose, make sure you get all the options before making a decision. Weigh the pros and cons and you should come up to a conclusion.