To the world you’re an icon of pure, raw and likeable talent. Your influence and actions shape the careers and lives of your followers. Building a profile from the ground up is no smooth ride. You’re appealing to a rough audience and you’re very careful what little information the public is receiving of you.

As a celebrity, you’re a natural marketer. You’ve built an empire off your reputation and you maintain a personality online thats charming and impeccable. We help you keep it pristine. We help you keep it real.

  • MIXX Cruise

    MIXX Cruise

    Established for over 20 years, Mixx Cruise in New York are your first choice for New York Harbor party...

  • Bellaire Shooting Range
  • Marco Polo Cruise
  • Art Boat NYC
  • PongConnect NYC

    PongConnect NYC

    PONGConnect™ revolutionize the traditional sport, Beer Pong, evolving it into a modern, interactive and competitive E-Sport.

  • Kayvon
  • SoundBot


    Music is the soul to your ears. For good times and bad – for happy and sad – we...

  • Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian

    Back in 2015, NXTFactor helped market this class to which viewers learned from both Mario and Kim while they shared not...

  • Mario Dedivanovic

    Mario Dedivanovic

    In this class you’ll learn from both Mario and Kim, who will share not only their coveted beauty secrets,...

  • SkyView Visuals

    SkyView Visuals

    SkyView Visuals is a team of professionals that are dedicated to giving the Tri-State region the best aerial media!

  • 92Y


    92nd Street Y is a world-class cultural and community center where people all over the world connect through culture,...

  • Miss America Suzette Charles

    Miss America Suzette Charles

    An American singer, entertainer, and actress. She is a former beauty queen who was Miss America 1984 and Miss...

  • Le Souk

    Le Souk

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Le Souk Harem. Expect more of the same Middle Eastern craziness. For one, the three-story...

  • All My Friends Are Models

    All My Friends Are Models

    All My Friends are Models in an online publication bringing forward the issues surrounding the life of being a...

  • Tan Lin

    Tan Lin

    Tan Lin is a New York City-based famous Chinese TV presenter, news anchorwoman, and producer. She is the chief anchor of New...

  • Sure Fire (YouTube Band)

    Sure Fire (YouTube Band)

    Surefire is a lovechild of Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys raised by the Strokes. Giving you blusy, exotic...

  • Marina Dedivanovic

    Marina Dedivanovic

    Marina is a Critical Care Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room of New York Presbyterian Hospital and one of...

  • Art and Prosperity

    Art and Prosperity

    Art & Prosperity is an art forum where visitors can update themselves on the newest art-related topics including treasures,...

  • Katie Duke

    Katie Duke

    Katie Duke was born and raised in St. Louis, MO, and lives and works in NYC. Katie Duke has the...

  • Club Vision

    Club Vision

    We solve the ‘how to produce a great live stream‘ problem by automating all aspects of production. Fully automated...

  • Choudry Group

    Choudry Group

    The Choudry Network has over 10 years of combined experience planning and hosting events that create memorable experiences for...

  • Ariana Soho

    Ariana Soho

    “ARIANA Ariana Grinblat, a Russian recording artist, has decided it’s time to update Russian cuisine in America, which, she contends,...

  • Chen Hong Photography
  • B Weezy

    B Weezy

    B Weezy B Weezy is a 12 year old rapper and songwriter from Long Island, New York. A huge...

  • Icy Chill

    Icy Chill

    My name is Sailesh (Icy Chill). I’m a rapper, actor and investor (born July 15, 1988). I was born...

  • Chantele Dibrava

    Chantele Dibrava

    Chantele DiBrava Chantele DiBrava’s music has a common theme, though there’s nothing common about her drive and talent. She...

  • HRS Princess

    HRS Princess

    We built a hot, sleek, entirely responsive new website for the Legendary UK artist Princess whose discography includes the...

  • Obama Girl

    Obama Girl

    “I Got a Crush on Obama” featuring Obama Girl was posted in June 2007 by the comedy network Barely...