Digital and Integrated Marketing Trends for 2014

Digital and Integrated Marketing Trends for 2014

As the end of the year winds down, more and more businesses are setting their goals for next years’ marketing initiative. According to a recent Smart Insights’ poll, approximately 30% of pollers believed content marketing will be the most important marketing trend digital marketing trend for 2014, followed by mobile marketing and big data to round out the top three.

In preparation for the upcoming year, Smart Insights’ designed a list of the top 22 digital marketing trends to look evaluate for 2014. The top three digital marketing trends listed included:

  1. Defining future vision of Modern or Integrated Marketing – In an industry still in it’s infancy, the rules to the digital marketing game are still being defined.  Incorporating digital marketing with other various marketing channels is key to successful digital marketing. The ability to integrate the digital marketing with these channels will be the challenge in the future of digital and integrated marketing.  Businesses which are able to assimilate and fuse digital marketing and other marketing channels will likely have the most marketing success in 2014.

  2. Growth hacking – Growth hacking is a concept typical of startups but has begun to spread to larger corporations.  Growth hackers carefully market, analyze, and implement marketing and business strategies for the business of growth.  More and more businesses, regardless of size, will start to implement this strategy to grow their business in 2014.

  3. CXM  – Customer Experience Marketing (CXM)  should also be a huge trend worth taking an in-depth look at for the upcoming year.  Marketers should continue to focus in on the User Experience and influencing the total customer user experience and customer satisfaction.

To read the more about the 22 Digital Marketing trends to watch for in 2014, visit Smart Insights for more information.